Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where I'm From

This is my first draft, don't laugh!

I am from hairclips and hairbands,
from the sand of the playground,
and the shop down the road.
I am from the beach, from the sea.

I am from Charles and Keith, from Ben & Jerry’s.
I am from Oreos and Milo, from fried rice and satay.
I am from Singlish, from the ‘Lah!’s to the ‘Ah!’s.

I am from a family who says ‘carats’ more than ‘carrots’.
I am from hugs and love, from fights and hate.
I am from the “She’s the little one,” and the “Aww, so cute!”

I open the cupboard of photo albums, all in a messy, random order.
I try to sort them out, find out where they’re from,
to find out where I’m from.

By Navya


  1. gahhh. This is such a nice poem navya c: -I love the singlish bit by the way :) Good work c: