Friday, 11 January 2013

Rhino Poaching Reaches Record Levels

I recently read a few articles about rhino poaching.

Summary on what I read:

Apparently, rhino poaching in South Africa has reached record levels in 2012. A record total of 668 rhinos were killed in the country, up almost 50 percent on the number for 2011. A total of 448 rhinos were killed in 2011. The majority of the animals were killed in the Kruger national park, the country's biggest wildlife reserve.

Poachers hunt rhinos mostly for their horns, as there is a high demand of it in Asia, especially Vietnam. They believe the rhino horn has medicinal powers and can impact diseases like cancer. The South African government has tried their best to stop the illegal rhino horn trafficking, but the numbers indicate they haven't been successful.

Five rhinos have been killed since the start of 2013 according to the government.

From the articles I have read, these are some points which I think is true and are facts:

A record 668 rhinos were killed for their horns in 2012
- A total of 448 rhinos were killed in 2011
- There is a high demand of rhino horns in Asia
- Five rhinos have been killed since the start of the year

From the articles I have read, here is one point which I think might be sensationalized:
In all the articles I have read, all of them said that the poaching has increased to almost 50 percent more than 2011. However if you calculate, 50 percent of the poaching that has happened in 2012 is 334, and 448 rhinos were killed in 2011. That is a difference of 114 rhinos, which, in my opinion, is not very close to 50 percent. That might have been sensationalized to add more interest to the article, because if there was a very big increase in something, audience would be more interested.

Different versions/articles of the story I read: 

How the versions/articles differ in language, style and design:

1. BBC News
- Very "to the point", all though has detail
- Talks more about the South African government, and what they are trying to do
- Also emphasizes that it doesn't only happen in South Africa

2. South African Magazine

- Very brief and short
- Doesn't go much into detail
- Just talks about the main point and the statistics

3. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

- Detailed
- Has lots of statistics and numbers
- Talks mostly about who the poachers are


  1. Hey navya~
    I think this is horrible, all this poaching and it really just won't stop will it. I don't get these people, hurting innocent animals for money and the greedy world. Great post keep it up c: