Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Book Thief

We are reading a class novel called "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. We just started reading, and already have been introduced to a lot of characters: Liesel Meminger, Rudy Steiner, Hans Hubemann, Rosa Hubermann, and more. 

Today, I am going to write about Rudy Steiner, a character with a very interesting personality. 

Rudy has bony legs, sharp teeth, gangly blue eyes and hair the colour of a lemon. He has five siblings, therefore is constantly hungry. 

Rudy is the best friend of Liesel. He isn't afraid of being friends with girls, while everyone else embraces that fear. But, it seems like there is a little more "chemistry" going on between them. Or, at least, Rudy thinks there is. Evidence: "Rudy had an idea. It was the lover boy coming out of him. 'If I beat you, I get to kiss you.'" 

Also, I am going to share a passage that I think conveyed a certain mood:

"It was a place that nobody wanted to stay and look at, but almost everyone did. Shaped like a long, broken arm, the road contained several houses with lacerated windows and bruised walls. The Star of David was painted on their doors. Those houses were almost like lepers. At the very least, they were infected sores on the injured German terrain."

This passage had a certain eerie mood. I think the author was trying to make the reader feel a slight shiver, and it worked on me. By using words like 'lacerated', 'broken', 'bruised', you could really feel the sense of those abandoned houses. I think this paragraph created a vivid image in my mind about how these houses looked like, and it also symbolized the situation between the Jews and Nazis in that time. I love the way the writer said that the houses were almost like lepers, or infected sores on the German terrain. This tells us that the Jews were who everyone else avoided and didn't like. From what I have read, this is by far one of the most creative and imaginative paragraphs in the whole book. It uses great imagery and personification.

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