Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today, we talked about movies. We had to choose three movies and write one word that represents and sums up the whole movie. Here were my three movies and words:

After that, we discussed themes within movies. There are many popular themes, such as: friendship, love, survival, dreams, etc. 

Themes are critical to any sort of story, as it ties the whole thing together. There can be multiple themes in one story, or there can be just one. Even if there are multiple themes, there is always one or two themes that you will come back to. Those are the base themes. They are always there in the story, at every moment, but sometimes they show themselves more, and sometimes less. 

But themes are completely different to genres, so don't confuse them. Genres are things like: action, comedy, thriller, etc. but themes are more like the main idea of the story. Themes are there to show something. 

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  1. nice :P i liked how you describes themes and genres.